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137 Main Rd Suite 100 Montville, NJ


While it's true that wrinkles are just a part of the aging process and don't in and of themselves indicate a lack of health or wellness, it's also true that people of all ages enjoy looking as energetic and vibrant as they feel. If you feel that superficial facial damage like fine lines or severe wrinkles is keeping you from feeling your best, we can help.

Our team is well trained in Botox® an effective, FDA-approved injection therapy that can safely and effectively slow down the outward signs of aging that typically manifest across the forehead, between the eyebrows, at the sides of the eyes (“crow’s feet”), and surrounding the mouth.

Results vary per patient, but generally are noticeable within a day or 2, last for months at a time, and require little to no preparation or recuperation time. With all of those positives, is there any reason to let a few superficial skin issues become a daily concern? Contact us to find out if Botox is for you.

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